Fire retardant panels
for the Channel Tunnel

Marine Concepts were approached, by our client to explore the possibility of manufacturing a large number of composite panels for use on a new Channel Tunnel project called Eleclink.

Eleclink is a critical infrastructure project designed to share power between the UK and France to alleviate National Grid capacity issues and Grid re-start after a major power outage.

The project saw Marine Concepts manufacture the patterns, moulds and components to a very tight timescale to enable cable installation schedules to be met which would have carried significant penalties for our client.

The panels required were categorised as “special” panels, in that these particular panels are required at the cable joint sections only. There were 6 design variations – each with different quantities required (800 in total).

The panels were produced using a resin infusion process that allowed the consistent thickness and weight of the panels to be met whilst also adhering to the specified high volume of fire retardant filler to resin ratio, which had been an initial challenge for our client during testing.

Here at Marine Concepts we thrive on challenges, whether it be manufacturing to deadlines or working with customers to overcome technical uncertainties. This project proved a success on both counts.