Carbon Fibre
3 man Submersible

Working closely with our client and their chosen designer, Marine Concepts were employed to build a full suite of tools and components for a 3 man vessel designed to operate both on the water and beneath it. With safety and performance being paramount we had to create a process which delivered exceptional material selection, accuracy and build quality.

The tooling was made using CNC machines finely programmed to achieve accuracy which was then verified using our laser tracker arm.

Once the patterns were made we proceeded to manufacture the infusion ready mould tools required to make the components.

Using the resin infusion process and a lightweight but strong carbon fibre fabric we manufactured and assembled the hull and deck including fitting all bulkheads, stiffening and joining, as well as the engine and battery box.

We strive to offer customers full turnkey solutions and a project like this epitomises the spirit of Marine Concepts to take a project from 3D data to a high end carbon fibre vessel fit for water submersion.