“It is not enough to do your best;
you must know what to do and then do your best.”

W. Edwards Deming

It’s our history. It’s our forte. It’s our raison d'etre.

A quality component comes from a quality mould. A quality mould comes from a quality pattern. Quality in = quality out, and it’s what we’ve been doing for over 20 years.

With access to in house 5-axis CNC machines and a dedicated mould making department we have all the tools and know-how to take your CAD data from computer screen to a production ready mould tool.

We work with customers to understand exactly what is required in terms of surface finish, part quantity required, process of component manufacture and budget in order to arrive at the optimal point of design and material selection.

  • Direct tooling for low production volume
  • Conventional pattern and mould for larger volumes
  • Carbon tooling for high temperature tools
  • RTM tooling
  • Large scale tooling