Design Development & Engineering

“Innovation in composite development and production engineering”

design-development-engineering-bOur experienced team can offer you consultation and advice on:

  • Component & Tool design and feasibility
  • Material selection
  • Laminate design
  • Process selection
  • Product development

As plugs and moulds can be manufactured on site via our 5 axis CNC Machine, we can offer in-house solutions and expert advice on CAD and CAM.

Preferred file types are .x_t, IGES and STEP.

Whether your requirement is for a complete product, individual requirement or a design concept, our vastly experienced team is always on hand ready to share their expertise in various applications. Working closely with customers throughout the process of the project’s lifetime – each stage of inspection sign off to eventual completion we are there to assist with vital information. We always appreciate that careful and considered decisions, with all attendant factors presented, will best facilitate optimum manufacture.