As a leading manufacturer of high quality GRP mouldings, our extremely experienced teams provide superior fibreglass products and a complete service transforming designs into polished, market ready product. Whether standard part or commission of a bespoke one-off design, we will reliably deliver your perfect GRP solution. We are uniquely position to offer your project plug-making to mould-making to moulding.

Hand-lay-up & spray application offer economical avenues into GRP and provide a flexible solution to product development, supported by in-house pattern and tooling making resources.

RTM & resin infusion creates a fully finished surface to the reverse side of the moulding with accurate control of laminate thickness. This controlled process allows closer monitoring of the variables associated with open mould processes such as resin to fibre volumes.


A brand new 25,000 square foot dedicated facility will be open in Spring 2018. Product development in conjunction with clients and Universities and non-destruct testing will introduce recycleable and nano tech materials. Autoclave and out-of-autoclave production processes on parts as large as 35 metres are planned for production.

Pre-preg Manufacturing: Pre-impregnated composite materials are increasingly common in the composite industry due to ease of use, consistent properties, and high quality surface finish. A prepreg is an FRP reinforcement that is pre-impregnated with a resin. Typically using an epoxy resin, although other types of resins can be used, including the majority of thermoset and thermoplastic resins.

An epoxy prepreg comes on a roll and has the desired amount for both resin and hardener already impregnated in the fabric.

Most thermoset prepregs come with a backing film on both sides of the fabric to protect it during transit and preparations. The prepreg is then cut to the desired shape, the backing is peeled off, and the prepreg is then laid into the mould. Both heat and pressure are then applied for the specified amount of time.

5-Axis CNC Machining:  We offer access to our German made 5-axis machining centre with a volumetric cutting space of 1,260m3 – the largest of its type in the UK at 50 metres long and precision within 0.2mm.

We are happy to advise on quality components to suit all budgets and projects which include Composites, Plywood, Polystyrene, Polyurethane and Expoxy foams, pastes and tooling boards. We also offer a smaller 3-axis machine for various projects and materials including MDF.

Essential to any project is the finish on plugs and moulds. We have developed standards of finish which have later proved to be the benchmark for our clients. All moulds are set onto custom-made transportable, fully painted steel frames, to protect the moulds for years to come.

We can offer advice on various materials depending on suitability for production and or budget including; MDF, Composites, Plywood, Polystyrene, Polyurethane and Epoxy foams, pastes and tooling boards.

Design, Development & Engineering:  Innovation in Composite Development and Production Engineering.

Our experienced team can offer you consultation and advice on:

  • Component & Tool design and feasibility
  • Material selection
  • Laminate design
  • Process selection
  • Product development

Patterns, Moulding & Tooling:  early consultation in a project can often prove to save time and money. Correct plug manufacture will ensure a better mould and subsequent ease in releasing mouldings.

We combine the best of traditional and technological expertise in our understanding and application to plug manufacture. Many key staff have traditional plug and pattern making background which, coupled with the state-of-the art technology prove a winning solution.

Mould Tools:  A high quality mould tool is imperative to producing accurate, successful and high quality composite components.

Our team will work with designers to ensure the optimum mould design is achieved before manufacture begins. We can advise on different moulding techniques and in the choice of mould materials such as Vinylester, Polyester and Epoxy. Large moulds are generally supplied with a steel framework bonded to the underside. These are fully painted and use heavy duty castors for mobility.

Direct Tooling:  Increasingly, we are asked to provide directly machined moulds, suitable for development, pre-production or low-volume builds. This is now fully achievable with our MonsterCAM machining centre.


Marine Concept offer end-to-end turnkey solutions in the provision of speciailist skills and full service facilities. We collaborate closely with customers from concept development through to completed product in all sectors and provide a dedicated project manager for ease of control.


We have highly skilled  teams with vast experience in two pack epoxy and polyurethanes.


All staff will be assessed to a new qualification  standards in Composite Manufacture (by external assessors)  and we offer bespoke introduction and  skills assessments courses for  external customers as required.